We Make Every Event Extraordinary

MC Ellis is all about leaving you with a lingering memory of your most joyous celebrations. We understand the clients’ needs and work tirelessly at creating that perfect experience for them. We guarantee every penny spent is worth it.


Wedding Reception

We make your wedding reception wonderful by considering wedding style, guest list size, and general mood. We plan a reception that your guests will remember forever.


Bridal Shower

Congratulations! Let MC Ellis steer your bridal shower with grace and poise as you laugh your way into marital bliss.


Baby Shower

In preparation for the arrival of your bundle of joy, we create a fun, relaxed and wonderful baby shower to gear up the mother for the delivery.


Engagement Ceremony

In traditional marriage/engagement, there’s a need for a family representative/ Linguist (Otseame) and no other person can do it perfectly than MC ELLIS. He will be your mouthpiece on your joyous occasion with humour, eloquence and poise.



Be it your birthday, promotion or a random day, we help make your party most exciting. Let MC Ellis give your party a spark of life.


Launching Ceremony

After months or years of working on your project. Give MC Ellis the chance to unveil your product in the most fabulous, energetic and indelible way possible.



Call everyone for a wonderful gathering. We ensure your family and friends will never forget this day. Rely on us, as we believe in making every experience unforgettable.

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